Our Bride, Caroline: Falling For A Gown

June 6, 2016

Written by: Clare Spencer


Photography by: Robert Bushway



               There's no replacing your first love. When you fall in love and you're sure you've found 'The One' you stop looking. Other people's opinion and emotions can cloud your judgment and cause you to become confused if you choose to continue your search. But that original 'One' will always sit in the back of your mind and no other along the way will even come close or compare to the way the first one made you feel. I'm not talking about relationships. I'm talking about finding your wedding gown.



               Caroline began her wedding gown search at Mimi's with an unclear vision of what she wanted in a wedding gown. Similar to others' experiences, the gown she never would have picked for herself turned out to be her favorite - the 'Demi' gown by Amsale: a deceivingly simple looking, slim fitting gown. It has clean lines, a low sheer - covered back with center back buttons and peplum detail at the waist.




                "The fabric, style and shape were exactly what I was looking for, but most importantly, I felt comfortable and beautiful."



                Caroline was so excited and she was ready to say yes and check "Find Gown" off her to-do list. But the group she brought with her had opinions that differed from her own. Even though she knew she was in love with the gown, Caroline allowed the opinions of her family and friends to create doubt in her mind and eventually she left that day empty handed.


               "I ended up talking myself out of it based on what I thought other people wanted me to wear."



                She continued searching at other shops and actually bought and resold three different gowns. This whole time 'The One' at Mimi's was sitting in Caroline's mind. Caroline was in Ann Arbor for a hair cut three weeks before her wedding and on a whim she stopped in at Mimi's just to "visit" the original gown.  She felt like she needed to try it on one more time just to reassure herself that she had made the right decision to forgo this gown. But it wasn't feelings of reassurance she felt when she slipped it on again, rather it was love all over again. To Caroline's surprise Mimi's was able to order the gown to arrive in time for her wedding day. Despite how she knew her family would react to yet another gown change, Caroline went with her intuition and bought the gown.


               When it comes to choosing your wedding gown Caroline suggests:


               "Try to tune out all of the opinions and focus on how YOU feel in the dress."



               While attending Wayne State University for Law School, Caroline met Jordan as a classmate and fellow board member for the Free Legal Aid Clinic. Their friendship formed rapidly which in time turned into a romantic relationship. At one time the couple was living in Detroit and Jordan decided to take Caroline out for dinner to the London Chop House, a restaurant she had been eager to try. Afterwards they went for a walk around Campus Martius Park and in front of the Civil War Monument Jordan got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Following a "Yes!" from Caroline, they returned home and to Caroline's surprise she was greeted by their families and closest friends to have dessert and to celebrate their engagement.




               On September 26th, 2015 Caroline and Jordan were married in Traverse City at the Opera House. They knew they wanted to be married in Traverse City and at an indoor venue. So when they toured the Opera House they loved the beauty and history of the location.


               "My (and Jordan's) favorite memory from the wedding was the Horah. We had so much fun spending time with each other and all of our guests."




               Extra advice from Caroline:


               "At the wedding, of course it's important to interact with, and express your gratitude to as many people as possible, but don't forget to spend time and savor moments with your partner!"


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