Jeanna and Shane: Breaking the Rules

February 22, 2017

Written by: Clare Spencer


Photography by: Studio 6.23, Ben and Mindy Peterson


                 Rules are meant to be broken, right? At least, that was the case for Jeeana and Shane. Shane's number one rule was 'don't date someone you work with.' They worked together for nearly two years before their dating relationship began. Twelve and a half years later Shane decided it was probably time to propose. It had been a long day at work for Jeanna and she admits she was in a mood that evening. After a brief argument over where they should go for dinner, they ended up at not their first choice and eating a meal neither of them really wanted. Let's just say it was not an enjoyable time. Still exhausted when they got home, Jeanna laid down on the couch ready to tune out the world. With her eyes shut she could hear Shane from the kitchen say,


                 "How about if I propose, you pick dinner for the rest of our lives."


                 Not about to get into it, Jeanna shot down his comment, hoping to end the conversation. His reply,


                "Really, you wouldn't pick dinner forever, if I proposed?"


                Jeanna grumbled and continued to ignore the situation. Slightly asleep she heard Shane respond and it sounded like he was close. Upon opening her eyes she found Shane down on one knee, holding  the ring.


                "I guess if he's willing to marry me when I'm that grumpy, it has to be right."

                   Fifty dresses later, Jeanna was starting to feel discouraged. She was beginning to believe that she was never going to have ‘that feeling' towards a wedding gown. At Mimi's, Jeanna continued to try dress after dress, still not finding 'the One'. Finally her mom told their bridal specialist to pull some "wild cards." The bridal specialist returned with three gowns very different from what Jeanna had been trying. She wasn't very partial to the first two but the third was 'Georgia' by Amsale: a silk chiffon, soft A-line gown with layered ruffled cap sleeves. From the instant she put it on and felt like she didn't want to take it off, she knew it was 'the One'.

                 The Cheney Place was once an old furniture warehouse which has been transformed into a reception hall and ceremony space with a charming, vintage vibe.


                "From the moment you walk in it's welcoming. A great mix of old and new."


                Which is why Jeanna and Shane chose it for their ceremony and reception space.

                "Make sure your groom has the ring on him before the ceremony."


                Jeanna was on the brink of crying from happiness when she noticed Shane start to fidget. When asked what was wrong he informed his soon to be wife that his brother had the ring. They had to take a brief break to get the ring from his brother. It was a humorous moment to help Jeanna hold it together. She reports there were no tears.

Gown advice?


                "Don't settle. You will know when it's the ONE and keep looking until you get that feeling. Trust me, it happens, even when you think it's not possible."

 Wedding day advice?


                "Leave a little extra time between ceremony and the reception to spend with your new husband and favorite people."









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