Nicole and Mark: Brought Together by Brothers

April 21, 2017

Written by: Clare Spencer


Photography by: Andy and Steve Grier


           It’s funny how so many brides have lived for years close to their futures spouses and yet their paths never cross until later in life.


           Nicole grew up in Waterville, Ohio which is precisely two minutes from Whitehouse, Ohio where Mark grew up. While they were close in proximity their lives never crossed until they were both invited to the same New Year’s Eve party. They were invited by two brothers: Mark was friends with the older of the two and Nicole was friends with the younger. Though they spent much of the party talking and hanging out together it seemed to have slipped their minds to exchange numbers. A week or so later the older brother asked Nicole for her number to pass it onto Mark.


          “I was really nervous to do this but I am so glad I did now!”

            Running late is never a good thing, but it’s especially not good when your boyfriend is planning on proposing. Despite being given strict instructions to be home by 5 o’clock, Nicole found herself running late. Mark had told her that they would be going out with his grandparents for dinner, so she was rushing to get home from work. Nicole burst into the house, exclaiming that she was sorry she was so late. Surprisingly, no one seemed to be home, but hanging from the ceiling was a note, instructing Nicole to look in the basement. Taking a cautious peak into the basement, Nicole saw the glow of a candle. At the bottom of the steps was another note. Skimming the sentences, the only line that caught Nicole’s eye was ‘Turn around’. And turning she found Mark, on one knee. And don’t worry, they made it to dinner with Mark’s grandparents. In fact, he surprised Nicole with their entire families at dinner to celebrate their engagement.


           Nicole found an Augusta Jones gown on Pinterest that she told everyone was going to be her dress. Luckily, Mimi’s Bridal Boutique had that particular gown in the store. She immediately made an appointment because she had to try the gown on. When asked if she would try other gowns and styles on, Nicole agreed to do so but was certain she did not want a full skirt.  The first gown she tried on was a Blush by Hayley Paige, it has a lace bodice, with a high neck, cap sleeves and full tulle, and horsehair edge skirt.


           “… the complete opposite of what I wanted to try on...[it] was AMAZING.”


             After trying on many more gowns, to her mother and mother-in-law and even Nicole’s surprise it was the full skirt Blush gown that she came back to and was eager to put on again.


            “When I came out all three of us could tell that [it] was the one for me!”

           Nicole and Mark had their wedding ceremony at Hope United Methodist Church, where they attend church on Sundays. They were extremely impressed with the service at Premier Banquet hall, where they chose to have their reception. 

             “The biggest piece of advice I would give another bride is to always remember the true goal of the wedding day.  For me, I wanted to remind myself over and over again that this was one day that began the rest of my life.  I am so glad that I continued to remind myself of this because it helped me to realize what was truly important!  The wedding day was fun and we had a great time but the marriage and the life that we are creating for ourselves is truly what is most important!” 









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